My Qualifications, Skills and Philosophy

Firstly and most importantly, I am passionate about Science for Primary age children.

Our natural curiosity and wonder at the natural world is what makes us special and why the Human Race is where it is today. We need to capitalize on that and support our children to develop their Scientific skills because they are our future.

For more than 20 years as a Primary classroom Practitioner, I have enjoyed teaching Science to young children in a meaningful and memorable way. In 2002 I became a Primary Science Advanced Skills Teacher followed in 2003 by winning the Astra Zenica Teaching Trust Primary Science Teacher of the Year award, which I felt was a fantastic honour to have my efforts recognised.

Part of my role as an AST was outreach work to support local Primary Schools with Science and to develop and deliver CPD Courses – a role that I greatly enjoyed – so in 2008 I became an Independent Science Advisor and now work for Local Authorities, Teacher Training, Science Learning Centres, Association for Science in Education as well as individual Primary Schools.

I have been fascinated by Science since I was a little girl so I realise how important it is to nurture that love in the Early Years in our children. For me it not only meant a BSc, but it has also made me really practical and logical in my approach to everyday problems whether at work or at home. I love passing on this passion by getting children and staff excited about engaging Science.

The following pinpoints some excellent reasons why you can feel confident that Early Years Science can help you develop your Science in a professional fruitful way.

Excellent Subject knowledge
Beyond Primary level, I strive to understand the principles of Science as we know them at this present time and to find meaningful ways of presenting them to my audience. Scientific knowledge is never stationary, but is constantly moving as we gain new insights into the World around us. How could we progress without it? How would we have found Antibiotics or the Combustion Engine without the efforts of Scientists? If I don’t know the answer I will find out.

FS to KS2 experience
Initially in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 my experience as an AST and latterly within KS2 gives me a wide base for teaching, supporting and promoting effective Science.

Fellow of the Primary Science Teaching Trust
I am a fellow of the PSTT since winning the Science Teacher of the Year Award in 2003. I keep up to date with current practice and trends through ASE, PSQM and PSTT Conferences and workshops. I have also presented the ASE.

The 'big Picture'
One of my most useful skills for schools is the ability to quickly see the big picture which enables me to sum up your individual needs and suggest the support suitable for you. This means that after discussion, we can soon reach agreement on the best course for your staff and pupils.

Presentation and communication skills
I pride myself on my communications skills to both adults and children. I use a variety of presentation techniques depending of which is appropriate and currently present to trainee teachers as well as those who are well established. Please see the Course area for details of current courses available.

Creative approaches
It is a priority for me to make my courses as creative and innovative as possible in order to inspire my audience with ideas for their own delivery. This can often take the form of modelling ideas of putting Science across in the classroom, or the use of ICT or other resources.

Hope to work with you soon,


Association For Science in Education (ASE)
The largest Science Association of teachers in the UK provides a vital up to date link to Science information, courses and resources.

Science Learning Centres
The Science Learning Centre is based in York and courses are now available through 'MyScience'. Caroline is a registered course presenter.

Getting Practical
Funded until Summer 2011 this free training Course gets you thinking about a more practical approach to Science.

Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM)
The PSQM provides a framework for developing assessing and celebrating the quality of Science provision in your School. Caroline is a Hub Leader.

Primary UpD8
A brilliant set of activities using current newsworthy Science topics.

Primary Science Teaching Trust
AZTT provide funding for CPD for schools and individual funding for Primary Science projects.

Planet Science
Some great ideas for under 11s, including things like videos of interviews with real scientists.


The national centre for initial teacher training in Science promotes the image and role of Science in the modern Society and contains online help on cross curricular Science and Teacher subject knowledge.

Science Museum

Online games and activities for educators, including visits to the Museum itself.

British Science Association
organise the National Science Week – 14th – 23rd March 2014 Includes Crest awards and Science Club activities.

Local business that support Early Years Science

Alter Ego
Bring Science to life with role play costumes for Scientists, animals, masks etc. - from caterpillar to butterfly!