Why Science is so important in Primary Schools

Science has a very important role to play in Primary Schools not only because of its intrinsic value as a subject or body of knowledge, but also, more importantly, as a way of thinking. Thinking scientifically has many advantages and not only taps into children’s natural curiosity but also helps them to develop the skills needed to solve problems. Science is not just about knowing facts. Scientists constantly strive to find out about things they don’t understand based on what they already know and it is this thirst for understanding that we can promote so successfully in the Early Years.

Give children the skills, confidence and motivation to ask questions and to persevere to find answers, and we are really teaching them useful skills for life – an excellent foundation for tomorrow. If we only teach children what we already know, how will they ever find out anything new?

Please explore this site to find out about Early Years Science, my skills, philosophy, methods, experience and of course, the Courses and support we offer.

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Association For Science in Education (ASE) www.ase.org.uk
The largest Science Association of teachers in the UK provides a vital up to date link to Science information, courses and resources.

Science Learning Centres www.sciencelearningcentres.org.uk
The Science Learning Centre is based in York and courses are now available through 'MyScience'. Caroline is a registered course presenter.

Getting Practical www.gettingpractical.org.uk
Funded until Summer 2011 this free training Course gets you thinking about a more practical approach to Science.

Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) www.psqm.org.uk
The PSQM provides a framework for developing assessing and celebrating the quality of Science provision in your School. Caroline is a Hub Leader.

Primary UpD8 www.primaryupd8.org.uk
A brilliant set of activities using current newsworthy Science topics.

Primary Science Teaching Trust www.pstt.org.uk
AZTT provide funding for CPD for schools and individual funding for Primary Science projects.

Planet Science www.planet-science.com
Some great ideas for under 11s, including things like videos of interviews with real scientists.

SCIcentre www.le.ac.uk/education/centres/

The national centre for initial teacher training in Science promotes the image and role of Science in the modern Society and contains online help on cross curricular Science and Teacher subject knowledge.

Science Museum www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/

Online games and activities for educators, including visits to the Museum itself.

British Science Association
organise the National Science Week – 14th – 23rd March 2014 Includes Crest awards and Science Club activities.

Local business that support Early Years Science

Alter Ego www.fancydress.uk.net/
Bring Science to life with role play costumes for Scientists, animals, masks etc. - from caterpillar to butterfly!